The Number One Free Coldfusion CMS

Core Features

The new, easy and fast inline Coldfusion CMS!
Easy integration in your own website or download standalone working version.

Fast inline editing

Edit your site inline for fast and real-time editing. See what you change and choose from different type of editors.

Easy to integrate

Very easy to integrate in your own coldfusion website. If you need help, we can help you integrate it in your own design.

Multi language frontend

Manage your website in multiple languages and determine which languages to add to your website.

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Why Choose Coldfusion CMS

A few reasons why you should use Coldfusion CMS.

Photo's & Video's

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  • Easy & fast inline editing
  • Menu builder
  • Multi Language frontend
  • Easy to use photo gallery
  • New Filemanager
  • Build your own forms
  • Page Templatemanager
  • Custom CFM template editor
  • Settings
  • User management
  • Listitems

If you want to see more, just check out our online demo.


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