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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any help, please read our FAQ items and see how easy it is to work with Coldfusion CMS. If you can't find it or it is not in our FAQ please fill out our support form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

When you login on Coldfusion CMS admin you see the website just like normal, but with an blue CMS bar at the top. You can click on any content in the website which has an contenteditable element. The inline editor will open and you can edit your content right away.
When you want to save the content you have to click on the save-button . The editor will automatically be closed and the content will be saved (with a valid key).
You can change the order of the subpages when you edit a submenu-item and go to the 'order' option. You can drag and drop the items with the symbol the way you like. After that you will have to save the submenu.
If you can't delete a submenu than this item has still sub-items, you first have to delete the subitems!
With this option you can add pages and link to them but you won't see these pages in the mainmenu.
A template must contain some attributes, please check the 'how to' section in Coldfusion CMS in the menu Templates.
When you add a new template it is possible to see old content, echt content-editable object must have a unique id, when you use an existing id, you will see the content of that id. Each id must be unique for the current page, you can use the same id's on other pages that will also be unique on that page.
You can use your own .CFM files to include in your content, with Custom template you create a placeholder which loads the content of the custom .CFM file.

More FAQ items will be online after new support requests.